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Tracker Craze: Fitness Trackers – The Future Is Now!

Getting into shape and being healthy is top-of-mind for many people these days. Part of a good plan includes knowing what your body is doing as you employ a fitness and/or weight loss program.

One of the latest crazes for doing just this and staying on track is with fitness trackers or activity trackers. There are literally dozens of fitness trackers currently on the market, but the most popular are the Fitbit, Nike’s FuelBand, and the Jawbone UP. They help you by measuring things like the steps you take in a day, heart rate, sweat, body temperature, calories burned and even sleep patterns.

Until recently, the only people with access to this kind of data were athletes – and only through their coaches and labs. Now everyone can access this information by wearing a simple wristband or clipping a device to their clothing.

To make things even easier for users, many of the fitness trackers sync with smart phones and computers. Some also include downloadable smart phone apps, giving you the ability to store and review all your data.

So what makes the fitness tracker a worthwhile investment? The bottom line is that knowledge is power, and with a fitness tracker, you can establish a baseline, track and monitor your daily fitness activity, and hold yourself accountable for your progress.

Armed with all the great information fitness trackers provide, you can actively work to change patterns or habits for the better. For example, after a few days wearing a fitness tracker, you may discover that you aren’t walking enough, or perhaps you are woefully short on sleep. Imagine seeing this each day. It enables you to react to the reality of your activity and change it for the better.

So what does the future hold? With the increased popularity of fitness trackers, people are becoming more aware of how their habits affect their health. With ever-evolving technology, these devices will get better and deliver more meaningful information.

Experts say this trend of increasing popularity will continue in the coming years. So come on, jump on the bandwagon. Get fit, challenge your friends to a fitness contest, and track, track, track!


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