Medical Fitness and Nutrition

Capital Cardiovascular Specialists Medical Fitness and Wellness will design a customized exercise program for YOUR goals and limitations, taking into account any medical conditions you may have.  Your evidence-based, physician-guided, customized exercise program will consist of cardiovascular exercise for fat loss, resistance training for muscle tone, stretching for joint and muscle flexibility, and corrective exercise for joint and muscle imbalance.  Your progress will be monitored every seven days to ensure your goals are being achieved.

Benefits of a Physician Guided Customized Exercise Program:

1.     It is evidence-based and scientifically-proven.   We do not utilize dietary fads, gimmicks, or exercise trends. We rely solely on clinical studies and empirical evidence to chart your progress, and adjust your program whenever data dictates. In short, we rely on science, exclusively!

2.     It is patient-centered and tailored to your medical conditions (i.e. Hypertension, Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity, etc.). Before creating your Customized Exercise Program, we will we will perform a comprehensive physical exam to assess your current state of health, which will include, a 12-lead electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, stress test, strength assessment, range of motion assessment and nutritional evaluation. The results of these studies will allow us to assess your functional capacity, ensure your heart is strong enough to start an exercise program, and, in turn design a custom exercise program for you.

3.    It is safe.  Your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation are monitored before, during and after each exercise session to ensure you are exercising in a safe zone for your age and medical conditions.

4.    It is constantly evolving.  As your capacity for exercise increases, so too does the intensity of your exercise protocol, all under the direction of your physician and Medical Fitness Specialist.


Your customized MedFit Nutrition Program will incorporate data we compile on how your body functions and apply that data to identify foods that will balance your blood sugar, protect your muscle, and trigger your body to consistently release stored fat. You will learn how to increase your metabolism, burn fat, get toned, eat properly, build muscle and achieve all of your goals permanently. Our clients routinely lose ten pounds in the first four weeks! If you need to lose more than ten pounds, then you would move forward to phase two of the program until you reach your desired weight.

Benefits of the MedFit Nutrition Program include:

     1. Diabetes reversal.

     2. Hypertension reversal.

     3. Sustained weight loss over time.

     4. Reduced risk of stroke.

     5. Knowledge of how to use food to balance your hormones and improve your overall wellness!

     6. Scientifically proven approach!



American College Cardiology American Heart Association American Society of Nuclear Cardiology American Board of Internal Medicine