Capital Cardiovascular Specialists Medical Fitness and Wellness uses evidence based, scientifically proven protocols, customized for each client to improve their health and medical conditions, all under the watchful eye and supervision of a board certified physician.  The goal is not just weight loss or muscle gain.  The goal is optimum health and wellness. All of our corrective exercise programs and rehab programs follow techniques designed by a board certified cardiologist and are scientifically proven through extensive research studies, and backed by organizations including the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, the National Academy of Sports medicine, and the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness, to name a few.   Gyms and fitness facilities that are not medically guided may not follow correct techniques and procedures, and therefore may not be safe or effective.  

Unlike gyms that have televisions and music, which can be a source of distraction and injuries, CCS Medical Fitness & Wellness is a deliberately distraction free environment and experience.  You will not find a television or speaker, but you will find calorimeters, body composition machines, and medical equipment incorporated into a protocol to ensure we apply data and science to your regimen. 

We use a proprietary blend of Eastern and Western Medicine, extracting the best elements of each approach. Through our application of Eastern Medicine principles, we focus on total wellness, emphasizing preventative care. Through our application of Western Medicine principles, we treat and resolve existing conditions, focusing specifically on treatment of cardiovascular disease and heart conditions.

Each client receives regular nutritional counseling, as well as expert advice on lifestyle changes and stress relief methods.  Additionally, we can coordinate with each client’s primary care physician to ensure everyone responsible for the client's health and well-being will be on the same page.

During your initial consultation we will perform a comprehensive physical exam to assess your current state of health, which will include: a 12-lead electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, stress test, strength assessment, range of motion assessment, and nutritional evaluation. Our comprehensive, scientifically based approach to exercise and nutrition will maximize your results, promoting long-term sustainable improvements. Sign up for your consultation today, it will change your life!

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American College Cardiology American Heart Association American Society of Nuclear Cardiology American Board of Internal Medicine